Posted by: Joe English | August 5, 2007

White River 50 Mile Trail Run – Coach Joe’s Complete Story

My story about the White River 50 Mile Trail Run was posted as five seperate chapters. It may be easier for you to forward this link if you’d like to pass it around.

Here are the links to all five chapters:

Chapter I – Introduction
Chapter II – The early miles and the first climb
Chapter III – The bottom of climb two
Chapter IV – Climbing to mile 37
Chapter V – The conclusion

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  1. Coach Joe,
    Thanks so much for sharing your White River adventure with us. I felt as if I were with you, running, climbing, walking and questioning my sanity in taking on such an endeavor. I was doing pretty well until your description of Stacy standing there smiling with her arms wide open. I could see her there and imagine how it must have felt – for both of you – there’s nothing that can equate to the support of those you love; to see your loved one accomplish something that, you know, took all their strength and will power to see through to completion. Kudos to both of you!


  2. […] is a low-key event designed for fun. It was nothing like the high-pressure environment of my 50 mile trail adventure last month at the White River 50 miler. But if you’re interested in taking a test drive of […]

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