Posted by: Joe English | August 21, 2007

Races: Final tips for the Hood to Coast Relay

Coach Joe English

Coach Joe English

With the Hood to Coast Relay coming this weekend, I thought I would pass along some final tips that should help you have fun with your team-mates out there on the road this weekend.

I previously published an article on the training aspects of preparing for a multi-day relay like Hood to Coast. It may be a little late to implement some of the training suggestions, but for a discussion of pacing considerations during the race, you may want to check it out anyway by clicking here.

I also included a list of tips for success in the race, which I include here are the bottom of this post.

Have fun out there. Hood to Coast is an amazing experience!

Final pre-race preparations
1) Take Wednesday and Thursday off from running in advance of the race. You’ll be racing Friday and Saturday, so you should give yourself the two days before the race off to rest.

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