Posted by: Joe English | August 23, 2007

Races: Packing Lists and Tips for the Hood to Coast Relay

running-advice-bugFor all of those runners trying to decide what to bring to Hood To Coast today, here is a packing list of some items that you will likely need. Try to pack lightly – which means bring the things that you’ll need to run three times, stay comfortable and well fed. Leave extras at home – that includes a lot of extra clothing, toiletries and gadgets. No one cares what you look like or smell like, so don’t worry about that.

Part of the fun of Hood to Coast is that the weather will range from chilly up on the mountain, to cool and damp overnight, to possibly very warm during the day on Saturday. Make sure that you have some clothes appropriate for both running and standing around in both the cooler and warmer weather.

No list can encompass everthing that you’d possibly need, but this is what I would bring if I were packing for the race. I’ve also included a section below of items that should be in the vans. This does not take the place of any list provided by the race organizers. I include it here in case you runners think your van captain may not have thought of something and you wish to bring it along.

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