Posted by: Joe English | August 26, 2007

Races: Ironman Canada 2007 (Intro)

Ironman Canada has become one of the largest and most celebrated North American Ironman triathlon qualifiers. This year Kristy Cook, a Toronto runner and triathlete visited Ironman Canada to watch her training partners and write our coverage for Running Wild.

Kristy’s first post is below, filed just after the swim start. We’ll have the complete report tomorrow after the athletes make their way through the 140.6 mile adventure.

I am sitting here on a wall at the edge of Lake Okanagan watching some of my friends as they set off through a long day at Ironman Canada in Penticton. It has been approximately 55 minutes since the pros took off and about half of them are now in and making their transition to the bike.

Ironman Canada Crowd Shot

The pros started the swim at 6:45 and it was awesome to see them start. I’m not sure if it was the cool morning air or the race giving me a few goosebumps. The mass start began at 7:00 am and was the largest mass start in history. It was pretty amazing to see, but way more managable and calm from the shore than I expected.

To give you a sense of the atmosphere they are pumping really up-beat music like Sweet Emotion, Dancing with Myself, and Pour Some Sugan on Me.

There are participants from all of the Candadian provinces, 42 US states, and 29 foreign countries. To give you a little more of the feeling of being here, a little 8 year-old girl sitting beside me is from Japan (originally American) and is watching both her dad and grandpa compete today. Pretty cool!

We just made our way over to the bike course and saw my swim-lane mates Cindy and Alan go by on their bikes. They are both in a great position to do really well in their age groups today. Awesome for them.

On a personal note it is great to be here, but I’ve been somewhat overcome by emotion two or three times in the first couple of hours out here. The power of what I’m witnessing is amazing. As a triathlete, I can understand the distances that these folks are trying to cover today and it is simply overwhelming. . . amazing to see.

Continued. For the next chapter, click here.

Filed by Kristy Cook, special to Running Wild.

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  3. Great post, Kristy. You should have been a journalist 🙂

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