Posted by: Joe English | November 30, 2007

Races: California International Marathon TV Coverage

For post-race coverage, click here.

The California International Marathon will be broadcast live in the Sacramento Area. If you have family or friends running in the event, or you want to record the coverage and see yourself pass by the cameras, the details are below.

Live Television Coverage
Television Coverage of the California International Marathon will be on KCRA Channel 3 in Sacramento. The coverage will air Sunday December 2nd 2007 from 7:00-10:00AM local time.

With the race starting at 7:00AM, the men’s winners would be expected to finish the race between 9:10 and 9:20AM. The current course record is 2:10:27 (a finish time of 9:10AM). Last year’s winner finished in 2:14:58 (a finish time of 9:14AM). This year’s race will likely fall somewhere between those two times.

The live coverage will also be streamed live from KCRA’s web-site.

KCRA Web-site
The KCRA web-site has a great deal of pre-race coverage, including video interviews, blogs and other information related to the event. Visit the KCRA CIM index by clicking here.

For my pre-race coverage, click here and for a great interview with Race Director John Mansoor, click here.

Good luck to all you marathon runners out there!

Coach Joe English, Portland Oregon USA


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