Posted by: Joe English | December 2, 2007

Races: Moiben and Kyrza win 2007 California International Marathon

UPDATE: Race results pages on the CIM web-site now appear to be working. Links to results are at the bottom of this story.

The California International Marathon saw another quick finish this morning in the men’s race, as Laban Moiben of Kenyan ran 30 seconds faster than last year’s winner to take the victory. On the women’s side, Violetta Kyrza wins the race after finishing third and second respectively in the last two California International Marathons.

With initially good weather this morning, the wind picked up throughout the day. At the start in Folsom, were winds calm. Around 9:00AM, the wind started picking up and would blow from the south, meaning a headwind for the middle part of the course, blowing from 15-20 miles per hour.

24 year-old Laban Moiben of Kenya won the race in 2:14:31. “I ran alone from the 10KM” mark, he explained immediately after finishing the race. “It was quite hilly, up and down, until halfway,” he added.

Moiben won the Montreal International Marathon in September in 2:15:29 and placed second at the Country Music Marathon in 2:15:10 back in April.

Third-place finisher Charles Bedley (2:16:26) of Toronto added, “The weather was perfect. The course was great.” Bedley won the Toronto Marathon on October 14th in 2:21:58, which was his previous marathon PR. “I’m really happy with this time,” he exclaimed.

Women’s Winner
Violetta Kyrza wins the women’s race in 2:39:25. Last year, she ran to a third place finish on this course in 2:37:55. She was second in 2005.

Kyrza ran alone in the closing miles of the race through downtown Sacramento.

Immediately after the race, Kyrza said through her polish accent that she was feeling, “not so bad” and then exclaimed, “I am so very, very happy now, because I win. I’ve run second and third place, now I win!”

Asked about the conditions out on the course, she added that “there were very strong winds on the course,” and that the winds were a factor for her today.

Nicole Cueno, 27 of Minneapolis MN, finished second in 2:42:03. Brooke Wells, of San Francisco CA, finished third in 2:42:35. Cueno and Wells qualfied themselves for the U.S. Nine women ran under the 2:47:00 Olympic Trials qualifying mark.

Men’s Top-5 Finishers
1 LABAN MOIBEN 02:14:31
2 JOHN GATHOGA 02:14:58
4 NATE PENNINGTON 02:19:35 02:19:35
5 MYKOLA RUDYK 02:23:27

Women’s Top-5 Finishers
2 NICOLE CUENO 02:42:03
3 BROOKE WELLS 02:42:34

Complete California International Marathon race results are available from the CIM web-site by clicking here. The race results pages appear to be working now.

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Coach Joe English, Portland Oregon, USA



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