Posted by: Joe English | December 11, 2007

Running Wild celebrates first birthday, becomes Running Advice and News

It’s been a big year for my Running Wild with Coach Joe blog. In that time, I’ve posted hundreds of articles about running and triathlon and the numbers of you readers have grown steadily. What started as a weekly e-mail to my runners has now become a daily passion in which I get to explore what’s going on in marathon running, triathlon and ultra-running.

Over the course of the year, I’ve published articles on a great variety of topics. In fact, there is enough content on the site that it can be a little hard to find things. So, a few months back I added search buttons to the top of the page and a new page of “Most Popular” articles. You can check out the Most Popular page for training articles that are ranking highly in readership, as well as lists of commentaries, race stories, and news articles.

As I move into the next year, I’m planning more great features for the blog. Look for more interviews with leaders of the running community, more product reviews, and more contributions by other authors. I will also be hosting a contest to win a spot on my Hood to Coast Relay team coming soon.

Today, as Running Wild with Coach Joe celebrates its first birthday, I’m also changing it’s name to fit better with what’s it has become. The new name of the blog will be Running Advice and News. You can access the blog through . Any previous links work as well.

Thank you runners and triathletes for reading! You are the reason that I write and it feels wonderful to see the thousands of you coming by to see what I have to say. I hope to see you out on a race course this year and I wish you the best of luck in your athletic pursuits.

Please keep your questions and comments coming!

Coach Joe English, Portland Oregon, USA for Running Advice and News (


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