Posted by: Joe English | January 13, 2008

PF Chang’s Rock N Roll Arizona Live Update #2

We’re at mile 9 now. The women had been averaging about 5:45 pace, but have dropped the pace to 5:38 in the last few miles. There are still three lead women surrounded by a few men, although the male hangers-on have started to drop away.

Up ahead of us, the men’s pack is still at 11 runners. They’re averaging 5:00 pace on the nose.

We’ve dropped back to take a look at the women chasing Olympic Qualifying status. Sally Meyerhoff has just passed us at the nine mile mark covering that distance in 54:21. She’s sitting in 5th place, with just the four profressionals ahead of her.

The pack of women in the 2:47:00 pace group with the Hanson’s Distance Running Project pacers is still huge. They’re at 16 strong and right on pace.

Susan Loken is ahead of the 2:47:00 group looking great. Very strong. Susan is the US Women’s Masters Marathon champion.

We just passed Sally Meyerhoff again. She’s looking great and running a smart race. This is her Marathon debut, but she has run 1:06:00 in the Half Marathon.

The men have passed mile 12 in 1:01:12, so they are on about 2:11-2:12:00 pace if they give it a fast close.

At the Half-marathon, the men went through in 1:07:00 flat. The lead women are down to two and have gone through the half in 1:14:58.

We just went under a banner that almost took the heads off all the journalists that are standing up in the turck. Thankfully, I’m sitting down typing!

The women have picked up the pace considerably. The course record 2:31:33 is definitely in jeopardy. Adenech Zekiros, last year’s champion, has pulled ahead and is all by herself now. She flew through that last mile at 5:28 and is looking just great.

More soon.


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