Posted by: Joe English | January 13, 2008

PF Chang’s Rock N Roll Arizona Live Update #4

We know that Michael Aish has won the race. We’re waiting on an official time.

We’re live at the finish line and the runners are just starting to come in.

Here are the top five finishers :
1. Mike Aish 2:13:21
2. Dejene Yirdawe 2:14:11
3. Halefom Adebe 2:14:30
4. Pavel Andreev 2:15:07
5. Lamech Mokono 2:15:29

Zekiros is just about to come in. We think she’s go to break the course record. She should be here very soon. We have 2:29:00 on the clock right now.

Yes, she’s done it! Zekiros has finished in 2:31:14, just beating the women’s course record of 2:31:33.

We are working on the top women finishers. This is what we have so far:
1. Adenech Zekiros 2:31:15
2. Salomie Getnet 2:34:02
3. Asnakech Mengistru 2:36:19
4. Linda Sommers Smith 2:41:04
5. Irina Pudovkina 2:42:26

It looks like about six women qualified for the US Olympic Women’s Marathon trial. None of the women met the A Qualifiyng Standard, but about 6 made the B standard, including Linda Sommers-Smith, Sally Meyerhoff and Susan Loken.

Check out my interview from last night with Sally Meyerhoff. I interviewed her just after the finish and will post an interview with her later.

We had a great day out here in Arizona. The weather was beatiful. Now we’ll be compiling our coverage to provide an in-depth report, including interviews with Frank Shorter and Khalid Kannouchi and lots of photos.

Signing off for the moment from Phoenix, Coaches Joe English and Dean Hebert for Running Advice and News.

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  1. Joe – I tried the PF Changs official website for live results and cannot seem to make it work. It’s great to see these updates! We were also wanting to check on a friend, do you have access to that information of is the PF site “live results” working for you?

  2. Same deal as Stacy on the LiveResults site… must be dead due to overloaded bandwidth. Anyone had any luck with it?
    Want to see how my baby’s running…

  3. Stacy if your still lurking: keep refreshing at the Liveresults site and it will eventually pick you up… it’s bandwidth (or lack of) that’s all…

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