Posted by: Joe English | January 13, 2008

PF Chang’s Rock N Roll Arizona Live Update #1

The race is off.

We’re riding on the press truck just ahead of the lead women. There are a pack of three elite women together right now. Its Zekiros, Mengistu, and Getnet leading the women’s race. They went through the first mile in 5:33 and the second in 5:32.

The large pack of women trying to meet the Olympic A and B marathon qualifying standards are just behind. There are four runners from the Hansons Distance Project pacing the 2:47:00 group, which is the Olympic B qualifying standard.

The men’s leaders are just ahead of us. It’s a large pack of runners right now. At least 15 runners staying together at the front.

The weather is gorgeous, although it’s cold up here on the press truck. Brrrr.

Coach Dean’s impression is that it “looks effortless” for these lead runners. We’re not hearing much of anything in terms of their footfalls. It is so quite. “It looks like it’s supposed to be,” adds Dean.

We’re through mile 3 in 5:47. The 5K split is 17:49 for the elite women.
We’ll be back shortly as the race continues.


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