Posted by: Joe English | January 15, 2008

2007 Marathon Year in Review: by the numbers provides a great report every year recapping the numbers in the sport of marathon: how many people ran marathons; how fast did they run; how old were they?

If you like numbers, then this report is for you.

2007 was an odd year in terms of the weather, which impacted the numbers. Boston had bad weather as did Chicago. The Chicago Marathon could have greatly impacted the final numbers for the year, because finishers there were lower than normal – and as one of the biggest races this could have had an impact- But 2007 turned in more finishes that ever before. US Marathon finishes top 400,000 for the first time.

Here’s an excerpt from the introduction of the report:

“2007 saw a record number of marathon finishes in the USA, with a 2.3% growth in the number of marathon finishers from 2006 to 2007. More than 403,000 marathon finishing times were recorded in the USA in 2007 (while we are estimating that this number will become 407,000 when the dust settles) – an increase from over 397,000 finishes in 2006.”

Check out the complete report on

I look forward to this report every year, because it provides a good sense of growth in our sport. You can also see demographic trends, such as the growth of women in the sport.

Take a look, I think you’ll find it interesting.

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