Posted by: Joe English | February 8, 2008

One week left to enter our Hood to Coast contest!

That’s right, we’re still accepting entries into our “win a spot on our Hood to Coast Relay team” contest.

Get your entry in before February 15th 2008 to be considered for a spot on our team.

All you need is to have to a great reason. Be creative. Be funny. Be useful to our team and you can win a slot on our Hood to Coast Relay team.

The entries have been getting more interesting, but I still think someone could knock it out of the park!

Where are those of you that would offer to do something for the team: chef, massage therapist, water-boy (or girl). There must be someone out there willing to degrade themself for the sake of winning a slot on our team!

Come on now folks, if you don’t enter, you can’t win. What could be more fun than spending two days with Coach Dean, myself and 9 other running fanatics! OK, how about spending the weekend with 12,000 runners and then partying on the beach?

Get those entries in.

For complete contest details, click here.

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