Posted by: Joe English | March 1, 2008

Live from Ragnar Del Sol — 9:30AM Day 2

Mesa, Arizona – 9:30AM – We’re two thirds of the way through the race now, so no more crying! On this last set of legs, we finally started burning our way through the crowd. We’re not sure how far we’ve made it through the field, but I know I passed at least ten teams on my last 5.4 mile segment.

After my last post, I wandered down to the exchange and spent about an hour talking with other runners. The common theme: no sleep. I laid down in the van for about a half an hour and low-and-behold our team made up some time and called in to let us know that they were ahead of schedule. We scrambled to get ready and hit the road for a series of shorter segments right about sunrise.

The temperature sure felt like it had dropped over night. When I ran in my first over-night segment, I wore arm-warmers and removed them about half-way through my run. Standing around watching the runners in the pre-dawn hours, the light wind made it feel chilly.

Group Shot at Sunrise
Dave Ryan, Rob Nichols, Duane Slade, John Hetric at sunrise

As the sun came up, our group stopped to pose for a photo and then broke out our sunglasses as we ran down the road straight toward the sun. The temperature rose quickly. By the time I set out for my second run segment, it was pushing 70 degrees and getting warm.

Coach Joe on leg 24 small
Coach Joe on Leg 24 of Ragnar Del Sol

Leg 24 was undulating for the first three miles and I krept up on several teams. The last two miles were pretty steeply uphill and I just barely hung on to my pace as a number of runners struggled up the hill by walking.

After meeting up with the team, we portaged ahead to Duane Slade’s house in Mesa – a major upgrade to our last accommodations in a dirt parking lot. We’ve all eaten and showered and we’re about to take back to the car and head our for our last set of legs.

It will be quite hot at the finish-line, so my last post may have to wait until I get back into cooler weather. But check back later to see how we finished. We’re hoping to crack the top 25 or so overall.

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  1. True to form there, Coach! Nice hills there! Can’t wait to hear the final bit of the story!

  2. You didn’t really say hoped for t just top 25 right? We ended up in 8th overall!!! Guess we made it huh?
    Coach Dean

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