Posted by: Joe English | March 4, 2008

Racing: Radcliffe says bring it on in Beijing

In an interview with the BBC, Paula Radcliffe said yesterday that the conditions at the Beijing Olympics are going to be tough and that suits her just fine. The outlook for the weather conditions for Beijing are for heat and poor air quality.

Radcliffe was quoted as saying: “Times will be slower but it will be tougher for everybody, and that will be better for me.”

She went on to add, “A tougher race means the tougher racers will come to the top.”

Paula Radcliffe NYC Marathon
Paula Radcliffe at the New York City Marathon in 2007

At the Athens Olympics, Radcliffe was forced out of the marathon suffering from reactions to medications and dehydration in the extreme heat. Radcliffe has won all of the marathons that she has raced, with the exception of the Athens Olympics. With a record of 7 wins in 8 starts and the three fastest times in history, she is considered the strongest woman marathon runner today.

She doesn’t go so far to forecast a victory, however. Saying, “”You can’t go in looking at one single person, but at a group of people from where the danger might come, and also be prepared for someone who comes in really good shape who you might not be expecting and be ready to handle that too.”

Read the rest of the article by clicking here.

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