Posted by: Joe English | March 6, 2008

Races: New York City Marathon annouces registration dates and fees

The New York City Marathon has announced their new registration dates and fees. Instead of reprinting the press release, I’ll post the entry from the guys over at, because they make such a good point about the number of dollars that are collected by non-runners that apply to the lottery and end up being denied each year — they’ve made the point for the last three years or so and continue to note their annoyance with the policy.


Acceptance into the ING New York City Marathon is one of the most difficult annual feats for runners. Each year, runners can gain guaranteed entry to the November marathon through one of four methods: 1) NYRR members may finish nine NYRR races throughout the year to achieve a guaranteed slot, 2) any runner may best certain qualifying standards (age-dependent), 3) foreign registrants may register through an official foreign travel partner (agency), or 4) runners may participate through certain designated charities.

For the rest of the world, registration is by lottery registration by June 1st with the results announced in mid-June. By certain estimates, approximately 50,000 lottery participants will likely be turned away.

We will, as we do annually, continue to remark on our pet peeve of the charge of a $11 ($10 in 2007 and $7 in 2006 and prior) processing fee to enter the New York City Marathon lottery, which is unprecedented in the industry – especially when assessed against those who are not selected. As we’ll always note, that’s approximately half a million dollars from runners who are denied entry to the race – that’s something we’ve still never seen in other USA running events and is equivalent to the entire runner registration budget for many races…

Almost like the annual ceremony of watching the Super Bowl or the Oscars, the running industry watches the pricing of the NYC Marathon to see where running futures might be headed… The fees for 2008 represent an across-the-board increase of $25 in fees from the 2007 registration – although the 2008 fees include bus travel to start, something that the marathon charged $20 for in past years.

The fees for the 2008 race are as follows:
US Residents: $166
International Residents $221

For more information visit the New York City Marathon’s registration information web-site by clicking here.

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  1. OK,
    I’m old, I know that. But, what happened to the $10, no t-shirt, let’s have a go at it races?

    Coach Dean

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