Posted by: Joe English | April 6, 2008

Racing: Terefe Zewdie, Vivian Cheruiyot Win Carlsbad 5000; Webb drops out

Elite Racing, Victah Sailer CARLSBAD, Calif., (April 6, 2008) – In a tight men’s race to the finish line, Ethiopia’s Terefe Marego Zewdie edged out England’s Mo Farah to win the Carlsbad 5000 today in a time of 13 minutes, 34 seconds. Vivian Cheruiyot ran uncontested to the finish in her debut on the oceanside course in 15:14. American Alan Webb dropped out of the men’s race with approximately a half-mile to the finish.

In a conservative race, Farah, 25, took the men’s pack through the first mile in 4:25. After the first of two hairpin turns on the course, Farah looked smooth as he quickened the pace. Haron Lagat, 24, from Kenya challenged Farah off his left shoulder as the two men lead the pack towards mile two where the pace dropped to a 4:22 mile.

Tucked in behind the leaders, Zewdie seemed to slingshot around the last hairpin to join the leaders. Farah and Zwedie pushed the pace as the men approached the final stretch, towing Lagat and Australian Collis Birmingham.

With a brief glace to the side Zwedie opened up a one-second lead on Farah before he broke the finish tape.

“The crowd was very encouraging,” Zwedie said. “I knew at the turnaround I would win the race.”

Webb, a Reston, Virginia resident was visibly disappointed with his performance in his first outing at the Carlsbad race. He could not identify a specific problem to explain the reason he pulled up, but injury did not play a role.

”I was hurting,” Webb said. “I was putting in surges just to stay up where I was. As soon as we turned around that second time I was done. It’s the only time I’ve dropped out of a race for no other reason than I was hurting.”

Webb, who was accompanied at the race by his coach Scott Raczko said he has been training hard for the U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Track & Field in June.

“I’m always trying to push deeper and go harder,” Webb said. “It’s in there, I just need to get it out of me. Hopefully this won’t be my last time in Carlsbad. I look forward to coming back and doing better.”

Elite Racing, Victah SailerCheruiyot was considered the favorite in the women’s race heading into today’s competition and the 25-year-old proved it with her seven second win over countrywoman Rose Kosgei, 26.

The two Kenyans, joined by their mutual friend Genoveva Kigen, dominated the women’s race, claiming the top three positions. Cheruiyot began to steadily pull away at approximately the 1.5-mile mark as the clear winner.

Name, Country, Age, Time, Prize
1. Terefe Maregu Zewdie, Ethiopia, 24, 13:34, $5,000
2. Mo Farah, Great Britain, 25, 13:35, $3,500
3. Haron Lagat, Kenya, 24, 13:36, $ 2,000
4. Collis Birmingham, Australia, 22, 13:36, $1,000
5. Josphat Boit, Kenya, 25, 13:36, $800
6. Shadrack Kosgei, Kenya, 24, 13:50, $700
7. Boniface Songok, Kenya, 27, 14:01, $500
8. Michael Aish, New Zealand, 30, 14:06, $400
9. Julio Cesar Perez Morales, Mexico, 25, 14:13, $300
10. Dmitry Safronov, Russia, 26, 14:27, $200

Name, Country, Age, Time, Prize
1. Vivian Cheruiyot, Kenya, 25, 15:14, $5,000
2. Rose, Kosgei, Kenya, 26, 15:21, $3,500
3. Genoveva Kigen, Kenya, 20, 15:41, $2,000
4. Sara Slattery, United States, 26, 15:59, $1,000
5. Korene Hinds, Jamacia, 31, 16:04, $800
6. Everlyne Lagat, Kenya, 27, 16:08, $700
7. Kathy Butler, Great Britain, 33, 16:13, $500
8. Lisa Blomme, Sweden, 29, 16:23, $400
9. Ida Nilsson, Sweden, 26, 16:36, $300
10. Jane Kibii, Kenya, 22, 16:41, $200

For complete results of the day’s nine races, please visit


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