Posted by: Joe English | April 13, 2008

Live London Marathon Coverage update part 2

This is the continuing play by play with running coach Joe English as the race unfolds at the London Marathon. The play-by-play continues. After reading this post: click here.

We’re just over an hour into the women’s race and about 20 minutes into the men’s race. Both lead packs are at about ten runners each.

The fastest mile in the men’s race so far was mile 3 in 4:25. Through 10KM, the leaders went through in 29:10. Ryan Hall is running up in the lead pack, looking really within himself. His debut last year was the fastest debut by an American in history. He went on to crush the competition at the US Olympic Marathon Trials in November. His time there was just 1 second off the winning time set by Martin Lel in the New York Marathon the next day — although these times were set on different courses.

The men just went through mile 5 in 4:52. The previous miles have bounced around a little in the range of 4:20-4:50 per mile. This is an exceptionally fast start to the race. The leaders are actually on 2:03:00 pace right now, which is too fast. Wanjiru said he would be shooting for 2:05:00 and Ryan Hall has said he can run around 2:06:00. Lel is also in great shape. But the pace needs to settle down a bit, because we’re below world record pace right now.

On the women’s side, it’s just four runners now. We’ve got Adere, Wami, Tomesa-Dita and Mikitenko at the front by themselves. Liz Yelling is a little more than 30 seconds back. She’s looking really good.

37:36 at the eight mile mark for the men. That’s 2:03:08 pace, which, again, in under the world record of 2:04:26 and I don’t think any of these guys are trying to go that fast. But this could be a really quick race on the men’s side if the pace keeps up. I think this is interesting that the pace setters are moving so quickly. The lead men strategically need to stay together here to stay in the race. The question is when will the pace settle down.

It’s interesting to see Ryan Hall’s blonde hair sticking out of the middle of the men’s pack. He looks really comfortable.

42:28 at the 9 mile mark. The last two miles were 4:35 and 4:52 — that’s miles 8 and 9. Through mile 9, the pace has cooled off SLIGHTLY to 2:03:30. Still a very hot tempo and these guys are just flying.

The women went through mile 15 in 5:22 and mile 16 in 5:27. Still a pack of seven women at the front. Liz Yelling is 30 seconds back. Mile 17 now in 5:41. Hayley is about 15 seconds behind Yelling. These two are both vying for a spot on the GB Olympic Team.

The men are through mile 10 in 4:47 and mile 11 in 4:43. The pace is just screaming. Martin Lel looks really comfortable. Wanjiru is right at the front on the right side of the pack. Lel is on the left side of the pack.

The pace setters are pushing the pace hard. We’re just about at the half-way mark in the men’s race and they are on a blistering pace.

We’ve had a problem in the women’s race. Right at the aid station near 30KM, a couple of the women crashed into each other and fell. Gete Wami was definitely one of the teh,. She’s and Petrova are now trailing by about 15 meters, maybe a little more. Wami is just trying to stay in contact. She’s going to have to work here to avoid being dropped. This could be a critical moment in the race. Wami is showing as 9 seconds back from the leaders. Mile 19 was 5:47.

On the men’s side, mile 13 was 4:49. We should get a half-marathon split here in a sec. Luke Kibet has split off by himself with a pacer. He’s off the leading pace by quite a bit.

The men’s leaders went through 20KM in 58:58.

Somehow Wami has made her way back to the lead pack. She was rubbing at her leg a bit there a second ago. Adere is pusing to the front. Wami is rubbing her hand up and down the front of her right quad as if it might be hurt. Petrova is setting the pace with Adhere next to her and Wami behind them.

The half-marathon split in the men’s race was 62:13. That’s unbelievable! I’ll have to pop over and check the split from Berlin. Yes, Haile ran 62:29 for the first half of the Berlin Marathon where we set the world record, so the men are actually ahead of his world record pace — and there are nine of them up there. That’s amazing. This pace has to settle down or some of these guys are going to blow up.

Gete Wami is up front with Mikitenko and Svetlana Zakharova. The three have pulled quite a bit ahead. It’s looking like a three woman race now with 2:05:00 on the clock. I’m thinking that Wami looks the best of the three right now. We’ll have to see if that hurt leg gets in the way in the closing miles.

I’m going to start a new post, part 3, now to keep these posts from getting too long.

The play-by-play continues: click here.

Coach Joe English, Portland Oregon, USA
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