Posted by: Joe English | April 15, 2008

Boston profile: Eve Drinis, Chandler Arizona

Eve Drinis at the Ragnar Del Sol RelayFor marathon runners, making it to the Boston Marathon is a dream come true. It often takes thousands of miles, piles of discipline, and a fierce desire to turn this dream into reality. We think that first-time Boston Marathon runners are special, because they’re experiencing something that many people only get to dream about.

Here’s the first of our Boston Profiles, in which we look at first-time Boston Marathon runners all this week. The answers were provided by the runners themselves, without any editing on our part.

Name: Eve Drinis
Home town: Born and raised in Chicago, became a runner in Chandler AZ, where I currently live.

At which marathon did you qualify for Boston and what was your time?
At St. George, in Utah, with a time of 3:55:11 (2007)

What is your goal at the Boston Marathon?
First, to run a good race, whatever conditions present themselves. I am thinking about Chicago this year, with all the heat, and the Nor’easter at Boston in 2007. I’ll try my best to handle conditions like that to the best of my ability. My husband ran in Boston in those conditions, and it was a brutal experience.

Second, to re-qualify for Boston (better than a 4:00:59)

And my ultimate goal is to have a new personal record!

What does is mean to you to be going to Boston Marathon?
It means I am a real athlete, albeit a ‘late bloomer’ I am a former couch potato who caught the running bug at 40. And I am still improving each year!

What are you most looking forward to at the Boston Marathon?
Aside from running in my first race that requires a qualifying time to participate, I’m most looking forward to watching the Women’s Olympic Trials the day before. Two local runners Suzy Schumacher (a good friend) and Susan Loken (with whom I am acquainted) are running, and I plan to be there to cheer them on.

What do you think of when you think of the Boston Marathon?
I think about all the history, Katherine Switzer being the first women to run “officially” and all the other amazing things that have happened in that race.

Do you have a picture of how the day will unfold? If so, what’s it look like?
I am not sure how the day will unfold, I picture spending some time at the start area with the other 17 people who have qualified from my running group (the Bandidos), and looking forward to running the smartest race I can.

Anything you’d like to add?
I am of Greek descent (full blooded, first generation) and this makes me especially proud. The whole marathon event is based on a Greek historical moment, Pheidippides traveling between Marathon and Athens to deliver victorious news of a battle with the Persians. The Olympics are an event invented by Greeks way back when. The first modern Olympic Marathon was won by a Greek — Spiridon Louis — also held in Greece. And the winner of the 1949 Boston Marathon is a Greek, two-time Olympian Stylianos Kyriakides. That’s a lot to be proud of for a person of Greek descent.

Good luck Eve in the race on Monday. We’ll let you know how she did!

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  1. Eve, you go girl! You really look great and feel this is going to be a walk in the park for you. ENJOY!!

  2. Eve, I am so proud of you!!! Savor and enjoy the experience. You deserve it!!!

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