Posted by: Joe English | April 15, 2008

Join us for Boston Marathon week!

Boston Marathon LogoWith the London Marathon behind us, we now move on to the most exciting marathon in the United States — the Boston Marathon. The marathon is coming up on Monday, April 21st.

And this year, we get the added bonus of the US Women’s Olympic Marathon Trials on Sunday as well. We’ll get to see the best American women running their best to see who will represent us at the Olympics in Beijing!

Why do I say that Boston is the most exciting marathon in the United States? It’s because the Boston Marathon requires qualification by running times that meet a fairly high-standard to get in to the rac. That means that for many runners, making it to Boston is a life-long goal or dream. For first-time Boston Marathon runners, just being there is the culmination of a dream.

This week I’ll be running a series of profiles of first-time Boston Marathon runners, asking them what it means to be going to the big show in Bean Town. The series start today with the first profile and then you’ll see one each day this week.

And there will be lots of other Boston Marathon coverage as well, including broadcast information, pre-race previews for both events, and and photos and videos from Boston. Stay with us as we see the most exciting week in American marathon running unfold!

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