Posted by: Joe English | April 30, 2008

Follow-up: More Boston Marathon follow-up with Eve Drinis and Scott Kimberling

As we got ready for the 2008 Boston Marathon, I ran first-time profiles on Eve Drinis, Scott Kimberling and Duane Slade. A follow-up from Duane ran yesterday. Now, here are some notes from our other two runners who both finished the race. Great job you two!

To read the profiles of the two runners, click their names below.

Eve Drinis, Mesa Arizona

I completed the race with a time of 3:57:22, just 2 minutes and 11 seconds off my personal best, re-qualifying for Boston at Boston, and was pleased with the time. I found the course, particularly the placement of the hills difficult, and focused on running my splits as evenly as I could.

I lost my shoe at approximately mile 5 or 6, because someone stepped on my heel. (I tie my shoes very loose because my feet tend to swell.) I had to back-track to retrieve it. That almost through me off my game, but I managed to get myself calmed down. I was grateful I was actually able to get my shoe back; otherwise, I would not have been able to finish the race.

The crowds were amazing, particular around Wellsley and Boston Colleges. The cheering was so loud my ears were buzzing for hours afterwards. It was really inspiring to have all those people out there just cheering.

The race and the entire weekend was a great adventure. I particularly enjoyed watching the Trials the day before. We watched the start, then went to the bridge, and were able to see the competitors eight times, then ran over to the finish area and saw everyone cross the finish line. Seeing Deena Kastor overtake Magdalena Lewy Boulet was quite exciting! I truly appreciated witnessing a small piece of American running history.

My Boston Marathon weekend will be one of my most treasured running memories.

Scott Kimberling, Vancouver, Washington

WOW!! What a great experience.

The weather, the crowds, the runners, and the race’s organization was great. Boston is a very nice city as well.

I had some leg problems in the months before the race and was a bit worried how things would go so I made sure I went out at a real easy pace, which I did. I ended up with a 3:31 — and considering I had only run one 24 mile run in the previous 2 months before the marathon — I was happy with that.

Also, going a bit slower allowed time to really enjoy the whole experience.

My son who is now 17 wants to do it next year. He’s done three marathons already: Portland was his first at age 14 where he ran a 3:19 and then he ran San Diego with me last year in 2:56. So maybe next year, I will get to go back and watch him run his first Boston!

Congratulations to all of the Boston Marathon finishers. For a preview of the short-subject film about the Boston Marathon that we’re working on, click here.

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