Posted by: Joe English | May 6, 2008

BBC video clip from the 2008 Belfast Marathon

John Mutai wins Belfast 2008This weekend’s Belfast Marathon drew 15,000 runners and was won by Kenya’s John Mutai in 2:16:31.

The women’s race was won Ethopia’s Marashet Jumma – broke the course record with a time of two hours, 39 minutes and 22 seconds.

The BBC has a short video clip of coverage from the event that you might find interesting. You can view the video coverage by clicking here.

For a list of the top-10 finishers, click the read more button below.

Here are the top-10 finishers of the race:
1. MUTAI, John 2:16:31
2. DZIUBA, Bodhan 2:23:44
3. PRIKHADKO, Vyacheslav 2:24:21
4. KERO, Jakoo 2:24:24
5. TUREA-CIOBANU, Sergiu 2:25:51
6. HUGHES, Tommy 2:28:38
7. PIMENTELL, Delfim 2:38:05
8. PATON, Colin 2:38:34
9. DOHERTY, Ciaran 2:39:05
10. FITZPATRICK, Michael 2:39:08

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