Posted by: Joe English | July 3, 2008

Races: Seafair Marathon marked by bussing snafu; ~400 miss race

Regular readers of my columns, will recall my year-end recap of marathon running listing out the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of marathon running in 2007: I think we may have our first entrant to the Ugly list for 2008.

Last weekend’s Seafair Marathon didn’t go off without a hitch for many would-be runners. For many it didn’t go off at all.

The Seattle Times reported on Sunday that about 400 runners weren’t picked up by shuttle busses to take them to the starting line. This was apparently the first year when runners parked at the finish-area and were to be bussed over to the start. When not enough shuttles turned up, runners were left all the way over in Bellevue, miles from the start.

The Seattle Times reported today that the race won’t refund money to those who missed the race, but that they have offered entry into next year’s marathon or into another local running event.

I just recently had a bus-load of my runners taken the wrong starting line (full-marathon instead of half-marathon) at a race, so it is safe to say that small-scale mishaps occur from time-to-time. But this one ranks up there into the major mishaps category.

Seattle seems to be under a cloud of sorts lately, with the Seattle Marathon running into hot water over its over-stated claims of ties to a local charity. I hope Seattle — my home town — will get its act together and get off my “ugly” list next year.

Coach Joe English, Portland Oregon, USA
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