Posted by: Joe English | July 7, 2008

Racers: Oregon’s Wendy Terris on a roll in 2008

Wendy Terris en-route to a big win at Race for the Roses 2008

Wendy Terris en-route to a big win at Race for the Roses 2008

PORTLAND — I was thumbing through race results today and I noticed something that stood out to me — a name that keeps popping up. The results were for the annual fourth of July marathon held here in Portland called “The Flat” and the winner was Wendy Terris of Milwaukie, Oregon.

I knew that Wendy’s name had come up a whole bunch of times lately, but it seemed like it was really, really, recent. I looked at last week’s results for the Seafair Marathon in Seattle, and sure enough, Wendy was there too.

But she wasn’t just there at both of those races, she won them both. Two marathon victories in eight days isn’t too bad.

And there were more sightings of Wendy earlier in the Spring. I recalled seeing here win the Race for the Roses Half Marathon here in Portland, and then I saw her at the US Olympic Marathon Trials (2:55:28/109th place) the day before the Boston Marathon. Then she ran the Boston Marathon the next day in an astonishing 3:03:18. That’s two marathons in two days with a net time difference of just under eight minutes.

She finished third at the Eugene Marathon two weeks after that back-to-back performance at the Trials and Boston.

And she finished second in the Austin Marathon back in February in 2:50:13, her fastest time so far this year.

Terris is a picture of consistency, running five marathons in sub-three hour times (and one 3:03) in just the last six months.

Going back a little further, Terris ran four marathons in 2007 in 2:53 or under. Amazing.

Wendy Terris, our hats are off to you. Keep on racing and running and keep on making us Oregon runners proud.

PHOTO: Joe English (C) 2008; Wendy Terris at Race for the Roses 2008, Portland

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