Posted by: Joe English | July 14, 2008

Olympic Marathon: Radcliffe Decision could be made on eve of race

Marathon world record holder Paula Radcliffe may be an official entrant into the Beijing Olympic Marathon as part of the UK’s Olympic Team, but it may not be until 24 hours before the race that we will know whether she is going to run or not.

According to a story on the Telegraph UK’s web-site, Radcliffe has been granted the special permission to delay her final decision to run up until the day before the race. As Dave Collins of the UK Athletic Association told the Telegraph: “In my view, performance brings privilege. Given her professionalism and commitment, I am happy to give her the time. I don’t think she will go to Beijing for the T-shirt. She will go to perform.”

Radcliffe was diagnosed with a stress fracture in her upper-leg almost two months ago. She has been training in the French Pyrenees up to three times a day in hopes of being in shape for the Olympics, but Radcliffe and her trainers have been mum as to what it is that she’s actually doing in training. As recently as a week ago, another article said that she was still not running.

Radcliffe gets the benefit of this wide latitude in making the decision to compete, because of her astonishing marathon running career. She has won seven of her eight marathon starts and holds four of the five fastest times in marathon running history.

In the event that Radcliffe is not able to run, she will be replaced by alternate Hayley Haining. Haining has been training as if she will be running the race and will travel with the UK team to their base in Macau before the games, according to the Telegraph.

With the August 17th date of the race fast approaching, it looks like we’ll have to wait just a little while longer to know whether Paula will be in the race.

Coach Joe English, Portland Oregon, USA
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  1. I hope whether she contends or doesn’t that she & her ilk will realise that’s she & they are participating in the “Blood of Darfur” Olympics. China’s a curse on the world and it’s greed knows no bounds at the expense of it’s own tortured people and those of Darfur…Burma…Tibet…& Zimbabwe. So when the athletes win & receive their medals…may they forever remember every time they hold or wear them in the future, that they were won in a country that has innocent blood on it’s hands…and in their futures every time they go about wearing them around their necks…that they too are contaminated. I wish Paula Radcliffe well in her future, but I pray that future doesn’t involve “Beijing”!

  2. Wow. Glad I caught this story. I love Paula and I really hope she runs. Thanks for posting this!!

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