Posted by: Joe English | July 15, 2008

Racing: A run in the nude anyone?

So I was looking for some race results the other day and I saw the name of a race that caught my attention. The race was called the Bare Buns Run. Hmmm. . . I thought to myself. I wonder why it’s called the Bare Buns Run? I mean, how do people run around with bare buns? Do they wear chaps?

With these questions swirling in my mind, I finished my assignment. But later, the questions came back . . . are people running races without their shorts on? What the heck?

I sat down at my computer and checked it out. I found past pictures of the race and my answer appeared to me. The race (wait for it) is run (wait for it) in the nude!

Now I don’t mean to make fun of anyone. Ok, what I really mean is that I don’t intend to make fun of nudists in general. But naked runners, maybe them I could poke a little fun at them. As a semi-fanatical runner I’ve just never contemplated running in the nude. A friend of mine has run 5Ks in an Alf Costume, but that’s different. Wouldn’t you get a little bounce going (either guys or girls would have this problem, just in different places)?

The race, as it turns out, is held each year by outside of Seattle, Washington. The event web-site actually says the race is “clothing optional,” but it warns that you can expect to see plenty of folks running in the buff. The photos don’t lie . . . there are plenty of naked runners in the photos.

The Fraternity Snoqualmie Bare Buns Run — it turns out — is part of a series of runs actually. There are three races in the series near Seattle; Spokane, Washington; and Vancouver B.C. The other races are called the Kaniksu Ranch Bare Buns Run and the Wreck Beach Bare Buns Run/Walk (e-mail to:

Before I give you the link to the photos, I warn you that there are naked people in these pictures, so if you don’t want to see them, then don’t go there. Click here to see some of the runners in the 2004 event.

Would you like to participate in the event? Well, it’s not too late. The next Bare Buns Run is happening July 20th, 2008. Click here to visit the event web-site. The other events are being held July 27th and August 20th, 2008.

I think maybe this is a race that I should go check out in person. But if I do, I’m not sharing the photos with you.

What do you think? Please feel free to comment.

Coach Joe English, Portland Oregon USA
Managing Editor, Running Advice and News



  1. We have nude runs down in Texas and Oklahoma as well. The AANR Southwestern Region sponsors a series of 5 runs each year in the spring and fall. Go to for more information.

    I ran my first nude 5k in October and had a blast! Runners of all ages, shapes, and sizes competed on a challenging course in beautiful weather. The, um, bounce factor is a non-issue for guys. As a guy, I can’t speak for the ladies. A few wore sports bras while the rest wore only running shoes. The organizers wrote our race numbers on our chests with a marker. The first few minutes after I arrived for the race were a bit awkward as a first-timer, but quickly I started to feel quite free, natural, and relaxed. I highly recommend it and hope to run one of the Bare Buns races in Washington someday.

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