Posted by: Joe English | August 4, 2008

Olympics: Paula Radcliffe to run in Beijing Olympic Marathon

Paula Radcliffe at the 2007 NYC Marathon

Paula Radcliffe at the 2007 NYC Marathon

After considerable questions — even secrecy over her health — it now appears that Paula Radcliffe will run in the Olympic Marathon in Beijing on August 17th. Radcliffe made new comments to the IAAF today from the British Olympic Association’s training camp in Macau.

Radcliffe has been questionable for the race for the past few months after sustaining first a toe injury, and then a hip stress fracture, in her training. U.K. Athletic officials had said that she could have up until the day before the race to determine if she was fit to run in the Games.

According to a story posted to, Radcliffe said the following:

“I’m racing unless my leg breaks down. The aim has always been to start the race.

“Everyday I go out and plan to start the race.”

“The whole thing has been a race against time and a nightmare from when it was diagnosed.”

“I’m getting more and more confident because every day you run more on it and it gets stronger.”

“I feel good. I feel happier even to be at this stage. It’s impossible to judge shape.”

If Paula is up to her normal fitness, she will be a serious contender for to medal at the games. Radcliffe has won seven of the eight marathons she has entered. The only marathon start that she didn’t win was in the Athen’s Olympic Games, when she was fighting an illness that left her dehydrated and has to drop out of the race.

The Women’s Olympic Marathon is schedule for August 17th, 2008 at 7:45AM Beijing time.

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