Posted by: Joe English | August 5, 2008

Just announced: Rock N Roll Marathon to host Seattle race in 2009

In a major press announcement this morning, Elite Racing has unveiled plans for the next race in its Rock N Roll Marathon series. The new race will be held in Seattle, Washington in June 2009.

UPDATE: Course details have now been announced. For more information on the Rock N Roll Seattle Marathon course, click here.

The Rock N Roll Marathon series already holds major annual events in San Diego, Viriginia Beach, Nashville, San Jose and San Antonio. Elite Racing claims to have hosted over 1,000,000 runners and 4,000,000 speactators at their events across the country over the past ten years.

The new Rock N Roll Seattle Marathon will be held on June 27th, 2009. It will run from Tukwila to downtown Seattle, finishing at Qwest Field.

Race organizers said that the event would be held in conjunction with the annual Seafair event, which is a large Summer festival in Seattle.

Initial expactations would be for 15,000-20,000 runners to participate in the event, which would make this perhaps the largest marathon in the Northwest.

More information can be found at

Coach Joe English, Portland Oregon, USA
Managing Editor, Running Advice and News
Running Advice and News



  1. Although I’ll likely never make it out West for this race, and even though my first Rock ‘n’ Roll event is a few weeks off, I must say that so far the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half in Virginia Beach is well organized. From the updates to an easy-to-navigate Web sit, I’m very pleased with the experience so far. And those I know who have ran it, love it. My only complaint – the B52s as the band later that night!!

  2. This is great timing for such an event. After this year’s disastrous Seafair Marathon in Seattle (run a Google search if you don’t know what I’m talking about – it wasn’t pretty), a well-organized Rock ‘n Roll Marathon could bring in a lot of participants.

  3. I’m with you Liz, a new — well organized marathon for Seattle is a good thing.

    Last year’s Seattle Marathon was involved in a scandal over claims that it misrepresented itself as a charity fundraiser. Then the Seafair Marathon had challenges getting runners to the starting line.

    You can read more about the Seafair Marathon’s problems here:

    I’ve been to at least a dozen Rock N Roll events and they are top notch.

    Coach Joe

  4. I’ve run one Rock N Roll event, the inaugural Rock n Roll Arizona – and guess what, the start of the race was delayed 30 minutes for….. LATE ARRIVING SHUTTLE BUSES. That was a great experience – waiting in desert heat for an additional 30 minutes while the “experts” of race production dealt with shuttling. The bands are loud & obnoxious, I ran farther due to the semi-arc you commit to trying to save your eardrums. Elite Racing/Competitor/Wal-Mart… whoever they are, they lost a participant but I did learn one thing – support your local races and those produced by those in the town they are hosted. The cookie-cutter business plan model of Rock n Roll isn’t good for the sport. Its good for a couple of folks sitting in Elite’s corporate offices and the advertising section at Runner’s World…

  5. Mike,

    I was there at the first Rock N Roll Arizona as well. The actual cause of the delay was that one of the shuttle busses got in an accident, which then shut down the road to get the other busses to the start.

    Coach Joe

  6. I ran Rock-n-Roll Virginia Beach last weekend. Its was far and away the best organized running event I’ve ever been a part of. I’ll run it again. Lots of water on the course. The bands were fun. The B-52s (post-race headliner) still got it. It was a great family weekend with a well organized and executed race.

  7. I think it’s great that Seattle is hosting a Rock-n-Roll! I’ve done the Nashville Rock -n- Roll twice and AZ Rock-n-Roll 2 years ago. All well organized and fun. I ran the Inaugural New Las Vegas Marathon a couple of years back and it was a blast! The excitement of a new course, new run is incredible. Seattle is beautiful! I encourage any who can to come out and run this Rock -n- Roll…you’ll have the time of your life!

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