Posted by: Joe English | August 26, 2008

Selected Photos from Hood to Coast 2008


Originally uploaded by Coach Joe English

Here is a selection of photos taken of my “Tag. You’re it!” team at Hood to Coast 2008.

Hood To Coast is a 197 mile relay from Mt. Hood to the Pacific Ocean at Seaside in Oregon. This year 17,400 participants run and walked the event on August 22nd and 23rd 2008.

Our team finished 12th in the mixed division, which is comprised on teams with six men and six women runners.

Pictured in many of these photos are the members of our van 1, which include Coach Dean Hebert, Coach Joe English, Bonnie Killion, Andy Glassner, Jen Meller and Paula Ridolfi. Also on our team in van 2 were Sean Rivers, Karl Johnson, Rich Shannon, Lauren Browning, Holly Homnick and Nicole Johnston.

To view a slide show of the pictures, click here to go to Flickr.

If you are pictured in one of these photos and would like a high resolution copy, please comment on this page with your e-mail address and the photo number.

Coach Joe English
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  1. Coach Joe,
    Thanks for getting us all together. This weekend kicked a$$!!! After our 50 miler last year, I was a little burnt out on running, but it all came back. I was sooo out of shape for this, but the relay got my juices flowing. Next year, 6:30 miles or bust !!! My quads are still on fire, but I’m ready to go again.

  2. Joe,
    Ditto thanks for all the great work on this. Thank you for the very flattering picture above. That was at the beginning. Good thing it’s not one at the end.
    Coach Dean

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