Posted by: Joe English | September 2, 2008

Podcast: Making good decisions — prioritizing and selecting races

At Running Advice and News, we’re constantly look for ways to make marathon runing advice more accessible to you. Today, we introduce a new weekly feature: audio podcasts. We’ll discuss relevant topics and answer your questions — just like we do here on the site — in a format that you can now take with you. Listen while you’re running, on the way to work, or trying to ignore your cube-mate!

In the first installment of the series, Coach Joe tackles a question that we hear a lot at this time of year.

Athlete John asks: “Is it OK to slip in a half-marathon the week before my big marathon of the Fall?”

Coach Joe introduces the concept of A and B priority races and then looks at a few different scenarios to help in making good decisions around this topic. So if you’re facing this type of decision, listen to this podcast for more information.

To get to the podcast: visit our sister site that hosts the content, by clicking here.

Making good decisions: prioritizing and selecting races

Running time of the podcast is 25 minutes.

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