Posted by: Joe English | September 12, 2008

Product Review: Nike Rejuven8 Mule and Men’s Shoe

Coach Joe English

Coach Joe English

I remember the first time that I saw someone wearing a pair of Crocs — those loveable looking rubber shower-shoes that come in the exciting colors. It was at the Ironman World Championships in 2004 and we kind of thought someone was playing a joke on us. All of these amazing athletes were flopping around the transition area in red, yellow and green rubber shoes.

Little did we know that Crocs would take off and gain a deep following of people that thought that they were just more comfortable than words could describe. Someone I knew even suggesting running ultra-marathons in them (something I thought was a bit wonky).

I have to admit, I never quite came around to the Croc camp. I just thought that it felt like I was wearing bright red rubber shoes.

Nike Rejuven8 Mule

Nike Rejuven8 Mule

Along comes the new Nike Rejuven8 Mule and Men’s Shoe — shoes reportedly designed to be “the ultimate lightweight breathable kicks. . . to help the foot recover from intense workouts.” The new shoes was reportedly created in time for the Olympics to give to Team USA athletes in Beijing. They are quite simply the most comfortable shoes that I have ever had the joy on putting on my feet.

The Rejuven8 Mule is an open-back shoe similar to a Croc sandal that is designed to be comfortable and stylish and worn as post-workout footwear. They are more substantial than a Croc or flip-flop with a cushioned sole and soft-upper, but they are also more expensive than these other types of shoes.

The Rejuvent8 Mule looks like a traditional sandal. It starts with a Nike Air support layer in the sole and then has a clear rubbery layer with massaging bumps on which the foot rides. The top of the shoe is a rubber sandal-shaped upper, but inside it has an almost sock-like breathable mesh liner that covers the top of the foot and lets air come through for venting.

The combination of soothing massaging on the bottom of the foot with the soft-airy mesh on top of the foot makes your feet feel like they are in a peaceful nest — kind of like the feeling you have when you get into a perfect bed that is both soft and firm and covered with just the right amount of covers. Really, these shoes are amazing.

A lot of my long-distance runners — especially women — develop foot problems by wearing flip-flops and very flat shoes around after long runs (when their feet are fatigued). The Nike Rejuven8 would be a great shoe to wear post-workout and even during the day as an alternative to a flat shoe. They provide support and cushioning that a normal flip-flop won’t.

As one customer gushed in an on-line forum: “I don’t go anywhere without them. These shoes are probably the most comfortable shoes that I own!”

Nike Rejuven8 Men's Shoe

Nike Rejuven8 Men's Shoe

For men, the Nike Rejuvent8 comes in a more traditional shoe format that likes like similar to a Nike Free lightweight training shoe. These are also incredibly comfortable, but not open backed like the Mule sandal for women.

Both types of the shoe are available at the web-site. The Nike Rejuven8 Mule sells for $60.00. The Nike Rejuven8 Men’s shoe sells for $90.00.

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  1. I think I did my feet a true disservice when I bought my first pair of crocs. There was no support and I overcompensated with my back causing all sorts of minor troubles that added up to larger problems overall. Glad to see a better alternative on the foot-front.

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