Posted by: Joe English | September 26, 2008

Television: Usain Bolt on David Letterman highlights (with link to video)

100M and 200M World Record Holder Usain Bolt made an appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman last night. The 6’5″ Bolt casually laughed and joked with the jovial Letterman throughout the interview.

Here are some highlights of the interview.

On his famous celebration in at the end of the 100M in Beijing, Letterman asked if he was flapping his arms:
Bolt: “I wasn’t flapping my arms, I was actually trying to fly.”

Letterman: Have you ever been airborne?
Bolt: “No.”

Letterman asked if maybe his 100M world record would have been faster if he hadn’t been celebrating at the end:
Bolt: “Yeah, that’s true, but then it would take me a long while to get there again. I was being smart in slowing down.”

Letterman asked about his height. After telling Dave that he was the tallest sprinter around (at 6′ 5″):
Bolt: “I get a lot of complaints from the shorter athletes.”

On his choice of running, as his sport, he said that cricket was his first choice and then added:
Bolt: “My cricket coach saw me running and said ‘you got speed!’.

Letterman asked if he was born fast?
Bolt: “I popped out and I was running fast. I was quick, small, my mom had to take me to the doctor I was so full of energy. I was running around and climbing stuff. I was quick since I was small.”

On his training focus:
Bolt: “I got keep rockin’ (rocking his head back and forth), because there’s a breeze up this high.”

Letterman asked if it was true that he ate Chicken McNuggets before the races in Beijing:
Bolt: “yes, that’s true. It’s not typical of my diet. In China I didn’t want to eat anything I didn’t know. I know McNuggets!”

Letterman asked about the crowds when he returned home to Jamaica:
Bolt: “It was amazing. The people were standing out in the rain. I was thinkin’ ‘do they know the rain is coming down?’ ”

In a separate interview on Live with Regis and Kelly, Usain was asked if there was anybody that scared him in the world of track. He said with a shake of his head: “no.”

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