Posted by: Joe English | October 12, 2008

Races: Evans Cheruiyot, Lidiya Grigoryeva win 2008 Chicago Marathon

Evans Cheruiyot wins 2008 Chicago Marathon

Evans Cheruiyot wins 2008 Chicago Marathon

CHICAGO — In now all too familiar warm conditions for Fall in Chicago, Keyan Evans Cheruiyot and Russian Lidiya Grigoryeva pulled ahead of their competitors to win the 2008 Bank of America Chicago Marathon.

Last year’s Chicago Marathon was marred by unseasonably hot and humid weather that forced the race to be halted after about four hours. Today’s race, while seeing very warm conditions, did not produce the same kind of dramatic heat-related problems as last year’s. The temperature was about 65 degrees at the start and rose to 84 degrees as the 33,000 runners and walkers made their way through the Chicago.

At the front of the race, a pair of Kenyan runners in Evans Cheruiyot and David Mandango pulled away from their competition and then dueled for the overall victory. Despite the temperature, Cheruiyot won the race in a scorching 2:06:25, after dropping Mandango at about mile 24. Mandango finished in 2:07:37. Third place went to another Kenyan Timothy Cherigat in 2:11:39.

Evans Cheruiyot is not to be confused with Robert Kipkoech Cheruiyot, the 2007 World Marathon Major’s Champion and four time Boston Marathon champion.

Russia’s Lidiya Grigoryeva pulled away from fellow Russian Alevtina Biktimirova to win the women’s division. Grigoryeva and Biktimirova won the race in after dropping the other top competitors early in the race. Grigoryeva won the race in 2:27:17, soundly tromping Biktimirova who finished second in 2:29:32. Third-place went to Japan’s Kiyoko Shimahara in 2:30:57.

The field included Constantina Tomescu-Dita — winner of the Olympic Marathon in Beijing this summer — who finished in fourth place in 2:30:57.

Mike Reneau was the top American runner, finishing in seventh place overall in 2:16:20. Reneau and Martin Lauret of the Netherlands were the only two runners in the top-10 that were not representing Kenya.

Desiree Davila (2:31:33) and Colleen De Reuck (2:32:25) were the top American women, finishing in fifth and sixth respectively.

Each of the winners took home $100,000 for their victories. 31,401 runners finished the event.

Men’s Top 10
1. Evans Cheruiyot, KEN, 2:06:25
2. David Mandago, KEN, 2:07:37
3. Timothy Cherigat, KEN, 2:11:39
4. Wesley Korir, KEN, 2:13:53
5. Martin Lauret, NED, 2:15:10
6. Emmanuel Mutai, KEN, 2:15:36
7. Mike Reneau, USA, 2:16:20
8. William Kipsang, KEN, 2:16:41
9. Daniel Njenga, KEN, 2:17:33
10. Richard Limo, KEN, 2:18:48

Women’s Top 10
1. Lidiya Grigoryeva, RUS, 2:27:17
2. Alevtina Biktimirova, RUS, 2:29:32
3. Kiyoko Shimahara, JPN, 2:30:19
4. Constantina Tomescu-Dita, ROU, 2:30:57
5. Desiree Davila, USA, 2:31:33
6. Colleen De Reuck, USA, 2:32:25
7. Bezunesh Bekele, ETH, 2:32:41
8. Paige Higgins, USA, 2:33:06
9. Kate O’Neill, USA, 2:34:04
10. Berhane Adere, ETH, 2:34:16

Men’s Top 3 Wheelchair
1. Kurt Fearnley, AUS, 1:30:16
2. Masazumi Soejima, JPN, 1:32:30
3. Krige Schabort, RSA, 1:36:21

Women’s Top 3 Wheelchair
1. Amanda McGrory, USA, 1:55:12
2. Cheri Blauwet, USA, 1:55:34
3. Melissa Stockwell, USA, 2:08:53

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