Posted by: Joe English | December 15, 2008

News: Runner dies at Dallas White Rock Marathon

DALLAS — The marathon running community lost another runner over the weekend at the 2008 Dallas White Rock Marathon.

According to race officials and media reports, Erin Lahr, 29 of Austin, Texas died on the marathon course. It was reported that she seemed to be running normally as she enetered an intersection, then stumbled and collapsed. Runners and on-lookers attempted to revive her using CPR, but she was pronounced dead at Baylor University Medical Center a short while later.

The Dallas Morning News reported that Lahr collapsed about 11:30 a.m. at Swiss Avenue and Washington Avenue in Old East Dallas, near the race’s 23-mile marker. She was pronounced dead at 11:51 a.m. at Baylor, the county medical examiner’s office said.

The Hoston Chronicle quoted Marathon President Chuck Dannis as saying: “We are deeply saddened to learn of the collapse of a runner at mile marker 21 of the marathon today. Our sympathies and prayers go out to her family.”

It isn’t clear why the two articles have two different locations for the incident, but a check of the marathon map and other road maps would indicate that the Swiss Ave and N. Washington location is just after mile 23.

With the race starting at 8:00AM, Lahr would have been running three and a half hours at the point she repotedly collapsed, which is about 9:07 per mile. This represents a full marathon time of just under four hours, which is solid and slightly above-average pace for female marathon runners. Lahr ran the 2008 Austin Marathon in 3:50:02.

Typically marathon runner deaths, especially in younger people, can be attributed to pre-existing undiagnosed heart conditions. This is especially true in cool weather conditions when extreme heat is removed as a factor. For more on the causes of marathon runner deaths, click here. An autopsy will be conducted on Lahr to look for a specific cause of death.

More than 15,000 runners and walkers took part in the race, which saw very windy conditions and temperatures in the mid-60s.

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