Posted by: Joe English | February 2, 2009

Races: Sallberg and Klukken win 2009 Surf City Marathon

surf-city-marathon-logoHUNTINGTON BEACH, CA — Late last year when the Los Angeles Marathon changed dates a lot of runners found the Surf City Marathon as a good option as one of the few “winter” marathons in the Los Angeles area. Surf City ended up being more than a good replacement as 18,000 runners took to the flat and fast course in Huntington Beach this weekend.

Jacques Sallberg and Ieng Klukken took home the victories in the full marathon with Joseph Chirlee and Heather Gibson winning the half-marathons.

Sallberg — who competed in the Olympic Trials this past year in Steeplechase — came to Surf City intent on breaking the course record of 2:32. He had run 1:09:55 in the Manhattan Half Marathon just a week earlier and decided that he was in shape to go after the title at Surf City. tells the story of Sallberg’s victory this way:

“Sallberg told us that he started his marathon on plan, knocking out 5:40 miles like clockwork until mile 6 when he caught the one runner ahead of him who he then ran with – at constant pace – through mile 10. At mile 10, hungry for the win, Sallberg laid down a 5:04 mile, and continued alone for the win, although Sallberg told us that it got really hard after mile 17 and his last mile was very slow. As for running sub 2:32, Sallberg smashed the course record, winning the race in 2:24:56 (a 5:32 average pace) in his debut marathon.”

Mark Batres, 24 of Rowland Hills CA who ran 2:20:18 to finish twelfth at the 2008 Los Angeles Marathon, finished second in 2:30:20 – beating the previous course record, but missing the bonus. Andy Koziatek, who finished fourth at the 2008 Mardi Gras Marathon on the same weekend as the Surf City USA Marathon, chose Surf City this year and finished third in 2:35:20.

On the women’s side, Ieng Klukken, became a home-town hero winning the Huntington Beach in 3:05:28, more than five minutes faster than her 2008 winning time. Read more about Klukken in the Orange County Register by clicking here.

Nicole Blalock, 24 of Huntington Beach CA, finished second in the full marathon in 3:10:28. Heidi Pahl, 36 of Scottsdale AZ, finished third in 3:11:58.

Kenyan Joseph Chirlee of Georgia won the men’s half-marathon in 1:04:31 and Heather Gibson of Carpinteria won the women’s half-marathon in 1:18:04.

For complete race results, click here. To visit the Surf City Marathon web-site, click here.

Overall Results 2009 Surf City Marathon
Me’s Full Marathon
1 Jacques Sallberg Pasadena, 24 2:24:56 5:32
2 Mark Batres Rowland Heights, CA 4 2:30:20 5:45
3 Andy Koziatek St. Louis, MO 1622 2:35:20 5:56
4 Hyen Ho Kim Los Angeles, CA 2789 2:42:04 6:11
5 Blue Benadum Malibu, CA 2059 2:43:21 6:14

Women’s Full Marathon
1 Ieng Klukken Huntington Beach, CA 249 3:04:52 7:04
2 Nicole Blalock Huntington Beach, CA 680 3:10:28 7:16
3 Heidi Pahl Scottsdale, AZ 2055 3:11:58 7:20
4 Edith Martinez Brea, CA 3 3:12:10 7:20
5 Taimi Schweighardt Temecula, CA 2339 3:14:57

Men’s Half-Marathon
1 Joseph Chirlee Marietta, GA 41 1:04:31 4:56
2 Peter Gilmore San Mateo, CA 42 1:04:43 4:57
3 Sergio Gonzalez San Marcos, CA 37 1:07:37 5:10
4 Nick Mosey Yorba Linda, CA 29 1:08:46 5:15
5 Ricky Barnes Newport Beach, CA 33 1:09:26 5:18

Women’s Half-Marathon
1 Heather Gibson Carpinteria, CA 35 1:18:04 5:58
2 Mary Coordt Elk Grove, CA 36 1:19:03 6:02
3 Morgan Sjognen San Marcos, CA 40 1:19:37 6:05
4 Stephanie Godfrey Azusa, CA 7662 1:22:40 6:19
5 Kelly Flathers Huntington Beach, CA 34 1:23:37 6:23

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