Posted by: Joe English | February 9, 2009

Races: Engle, Fromm win 2009 Sedona Marathon

Chuck Engle at 09 Sedona Marathon

Chuck Engle at 09 Sedona Marathon

SEDONA, AZ — Chuck Engle won his third marathon of the new year this weekend, leading the Sedona Marathon from start to finish. Engle finished in 2:45:50 to take the honors. Anita Fromm won the women’s race in 3:35:52.

Engle is on a marathon tear, finishing his sixth marathon in as many weeks. According to, he already won the 2009 Maui Oceanfront Marathon and the 2009 Museum of Aviation Foundation Marathon, and placed second in two other marathons.

Dan Kuch of Lake Havasu City AZ was second in the men’s race in 2:48:12. Ben LeSueur finished third for a second consecutive year in 2:56:41.

In the women’s race, Anita Fromm of Albuquerque NM, was first with a time of 3:35:52. 28-year-old Katherine Metzger of Phoenix AZ finished second in 3:36:20. Erin Phelps, 25 of Flagstaff AZ, rounded out the top three, finishing in 3:43:44.

There is a detailed write-up inlcuding videos of the race at the web-site, which can be accessed by clicking here.

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