Posted by: Joe English | February 11, 2009

Training — The Importance of Stretching for Runners

Coach Joe English

Coach Joe English

Runners seem to avoid stretching much like people avoid flossing their teeth. There are good reasons to stretch, keeping several injuries key running injuries away.

It always seems that runners are short on time to get in their workouts and they often cut their stretching routine to give themselves more time to run. But spending a few minutes stretching, might just do more to keep them running for the long-term than anything else. A good stretch of the key running muscles helps get them warm, keeps them flexible, and increases their range of motion.

What’s a Muscle and Why do I need to Stretch it?
As the word implies, stretching the muscles means pulling on them to make them longer and more pliable. Muscles are similar to rubber bands that are flexible and stretchy, making their way around joints to help move a particular part of the body. The muscles themselves are made up of fibers that run lengthwise up and down the muscle. Imagine thousands of strands lying next to each other, creating a strong fabric that can pull when the muscle contracts.

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To watch a video of a stretching routine, click the play button below.

Coach Joe English, Portland Oregon, USA
Managing Editor, Running Advice and News



  1. Thank you. your video is very helpful.

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