Posted by: Joe English | February 16, 2009

Races — Cheruiyot & Jacobs Win Mercedes Marathon in Birmingham

BIRMINGHAM — Keyan David Cheruiyot won the 2009 Mercedes Marathon in Birmingham, running a new course that took out many of the hills on the course. Top ultra-marathon runner Michael Wardian finished second for the second year in a row. Jessica Jacobs won the women’s division at the race.

Cheruiyot won the race in 2:23:23. Behind Cheruiyot, Wardian came in 10 seconds later and then there was a gap of almost 17 minutes until the third-place finisher. Jacobs won the women’s race in 2:54:53.

The course had been redesigned this year and Wardian was pleased about it: “Instead of the big hills it was like gradual slides, which is cool,” he told the Birmingham News. “I thought it was great. They did a bang-up job. They made it flat and fast, and I still ran the same time. But it wasn’t their fault.”

Wardian came in about 10 seconds behind Cheruyiot, who had slowed in the last mile. Cheruyiot said after the race that he had followed the half-marathon leaders at one point and become confused by course, stopping for nearly two minutes. In the closing quarter mile, he spied Wardian behind him and picked up the pace to hold him off.

Professional triathlete Jacobs, winner of the women’s race, improved her performance from last year. “I went for time not place and ended up killing two birds with one stone,” she said. “I really wanted to break three hours today. Last year on (the old course) I broke 3:08. I wanted to break three hours and I did with a 2:55. I’m very happy.”

2009 Mercedes Marathon Overall Results
Men’s Overall

1. David Cheruiyot (M38) 2:23:23
2. Michael Wardian (M34) 2:23:33
3. Tyrone Harris (M29) 2:40:05
4. Josh Hite (M31) 2:52:36
5. Joshua Horsager (M30) 2:55:46

Women’s Overall
1. Jessica Jacobs (F32) 2:54:53
2. Annie Thiessen (F38) 3:02:45
3. Debbie Cropper (F47) 3:10:41
4. Erica Tedford (F24) 3:14:02
5. Jean Traub (F39) 3:14:15

For more information, visit the Mercedes Marathon web-site at

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  1. I ran this race yesterday, my first marathon ever, and loved it. As a first-timer the marathon actually proved harder than I had imagined and my stomach was giving me some problems, but overall it was one of the best experiences of my life.

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