Posted by: Joe English | February 18, 2009

Video — Sammy Wanjiru at Granoller’s Half Marathon

BARCELONA — A reader sent me a link to a video that he produced of Sammy Wanjiru en route to winning the Ganoller’s Half Marathon on February 1st, 2009. Wanjiru broke away from a his only remaining challenger at kilometer 8 and cruised back to a huge victory of over a minute to finish in 1:01:13.

The young Wanjiru is the current world record holder at the half marathon distance, which he ran in 58:33 in 2007. Wanjiru went on to win the Olympic Marathon in a new Olympic Record for the marathon distance this past summer in Beijing.

What’s great about this video are the shots as Wanjiru is coming back to town all alone with the streams of runners going the other direction cheering for him. You will clearly get a sense of how fast he is running and what a rush he must have felt having the crowds cheer him in alone.

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  1. Thank’s Joe!!!

    Sergi (Granollers – Barcelona)

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