Posted by: Joe English | February 24, 2009

Training — Choosing the Right Hydration Products for Runners

Coach Joe English

Coach Joe English

Understanding that hydration plays a critical role in the performance and health of runners is one thing. Actually figuring out what to drink is another. Choosing a drink, or a combination of them, is a critical step in mastering hydration.

Choices, Choices, Choices
Walk down the beverage aisle in the grocery store and there lies an astonishing array of products to drink. In recent years, there has been a literal explosion in the number of drinks calling themselves “sports drinks” or “energy drinks”, many of which offer little to no value to runners.

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Coach Joe English, Portland Oregon, USA
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  1. I’ve heard that water works pretty well.

  2. Mike,

    It’s pretty rare when I flatly disagree with a comment posted to the blog, but with yours I do have to disagree and respond.

    Drinking plain water only gives half of what athletes require — the fluid itself. It doesn’t replace electrolytes. And since most runners have trouble drinking even the minimum amount of fluid that we suggest, they should use a fluid containing those electrolytes instead of plain water.

    Drinking too much plain water can also lead to the very serious condition called hyponatermia, which is caused by low blood sodium. This condition has been the cause of death in some marathon runners.

    Drinking plain water just doesn’t cut the mustard.

    Coach Joe

  3. You should try a new device called AquaJoe. It’s a sports drink powder holder/dispenser. It’s ideal for situations wher there is access to clean water.

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