Posted by: Joe English | February 26, 2009

Video — Running Form and Technique Part I

The next installment in our weekly video series is here. This week Coaches Joe English and Dean Hebert sit down for a little chat on the topic of Running Form. In this installment, we talk about why you should care about running form (or not), what you can do about it, and we cover some of the elements of running form.

To watch the video, just click the button in the middle of the video window below.

Here’s a link to the video on Vimeo in case you are having trouble viewing the video here:

In the next installment, coming next week, we’ll pick up where we leave off today and talk about some related topics such as breathing, breathing aids and side-aches.

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  1. Interesting discussion. Should candence vary with distance? In other words, would you expect cadence to stay the same whether or not you running a 10k or a marathon with just the stride length changing?

  2. […] here for Coach Joe’s and Coach Dean’s weigh in on proper running […]

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