Posted by: Joe English | March 1, 2009

Races — Pierce and Lawson Win 2009 Cowtown Marathon

DALLAS — 17,829 runners and walkers faced cold and windy conditions in this year’s Cowtown Marathon.

Keith Pierce, 28, managed to stay ahead of the crowds to win the marathon in 2:25:13. He wins the race for the third consecutive year. He also set a new course record, beating his previous record of 2:30:23 from 2007. Chuck Engle finished in second 10 minutes behind him.

“I was a little worried about the wind before the day started, but it really wasn’t a problem until the last three or four miles,” Pierce told the Dallas Morning News. “It was actually pretty nice.”

Kris Lawson, 29, of Parker, Colo. won the women’s marathon in 3:02:47. Lawson, last year’s half-marathon winner, didn’t seem too bothered by the swirling winds.

“Last year, I crossed the wrong finish line. I crossed the 10K finish line, and I didn’t get my picture in the paper,” she said. “So I made sure to cross the right finish line this year.”

2009 Cowtown Marathon Results
Men’s Oveall Winners
1. Keith Pierce, 2:25.13
2. Chuck Engle, 2:35:13
3. James Matlackr, 2:46:19
4. Patrick Schuster, 2:50:23
5. Jeff Alexander, 2:54:47

Women’s Overall Winners
1. Kris Lawson, 3:02:47
2. Camille Riggins, 3:03:44
3. Riva Graeme, 3:12:22
4. Lorissa Kingsbury, 3:16:42
5. Marlene Hicks, 3:18:11

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