Posted by: Joe English | March 3, 2009

Training — Keeping Track of Workout Data

Coach Joe English

Coach Joe English

Running, like many participant sports, is a sport that can be quantified and measured. Runners are able to track their progress over time. However, in order to give context and understanding to their progress, runners need to consistently collect information about their workouts and to capture the key information that will help tell a story about those runs when the information is reviewed and analyzed later.

Keep a Log of Your Workouts
The first simple thing to do is start a running log. A log doesn’t have to be fancy to be effective. Capturing some basic information on a piece of paper can do the trick. What is important is that the log is used with some consistency and that it captures similar information for each workout. This allows the runner, or a coach, to look across these workouts and see patterns in the information.

Painting a complete picture of what really happened during the workout should be the intent of a good log. Runners should think about factors that impact their performance during a run and make sure to note those items so that it is clear why a particular run might seem faster or slower than other comparable runs.

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  1. I use a Google Sheets document as my running log. It’s available any time I can get online and I don’t have to keep up with a paper copy.

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