Posted by: Joe English | March 4, 2009

Product Review — PowerBar Electrolytes Drink Mix

Here at Running Advice and News, we’re big fans of electrolyte drink mixes. That’s to say, fluid replacement drinks that provide only electrolytes, rather than those containing both energy (sugar) and electrolytes. It’s our view that de-coupling energy and electrolyte replacement is a good idea for many runners and triathletes, because if a stomach problem prevents them from taking in more sugar during a race, they can still re-hydrate and potentially work through the stomach problem.

PowerBar Electrolytes

PowerBar Electrolytes

We like electrolyte drinks so much that we awarded our 2007 Product of the Year to Nuun Active Hydration, which is the leading product in this class. Nuun Active Hydration comes in tablet form and can be dropped into a 16 ounce bottle of water to turn it into a no calorie electrolyte drink. For fans of Nuun, don’t worry, we still love it and would whole-heartedly recommend it.

But now PowerBar has entered the market with their own version of an electrolyte only drink mix. The product is called simply <a href=”Powerbar Electrolytes Drink Mix and it is on store shelves and available on-line now.

PowerBar Electrolytes comes in a powder form that is packed in individual foil tubes. The tubes can be ripped open and then the powder is dumped into 16 ounces of water. One of our first observations about the product is that it takes some shaking and a little time for the product to be disolved into the water. Once the product is well mixed, no granules appear on the bottle of the bottle.

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