Posted by: Joe English | March 17, 2009

Running Advice and News — new URL, same great content

To all of the thousands of readers out there that visit Running Advice and News, we’d like to say thank you for coming!

Over the past three years, we’ve gone from a weekly newsletter to a daily source of news, coaching and even now weekly videos. Now to take it to the next level we’ve built a whole new site to house our content and it is on-line right now.

The new Running Advice and News site give us many new advantages such as the ability to showcase more videos, publish podcasts and to allow you to subscribe, share or bookmark individual articles. And there will be many more enhancements coming.

So please take a minute to update your bookmarks to and check out the new site. Same great content, just a new address.

For link owners, please contact us if you need help locating any article on the new site and we’ll get you the new URL.

The current site on wordpress will stay put and we’ll publish abstracts here for our new articles for the time-being. If you see a note to “click here to continue reading” you’ll be taken to the new site.

Thanks again for reading and we hope you enjoy our expanded capabilities.

Coach Joe English, Managing Editor
Running Advice and News


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