Posted by: Joe English | May 3, 2009

Races — Eugene Marathon sees soggy weather, quick times

EUGENE, ORE — For the 6,000 runners that turned up in Eugene this morning for the third annual Eugene Marathon, the weather might have looked like a bummer. Early in the morning it was raining steadily with the temperatures in the mid-40s. But by race time, the rain had mostly passed and only light showers fell on the crowds. The weather turned out to be cold and soggy, but not a bad day for running good marathon times.

Out in front Matt Hooley won the men’s marathan in an Olympic Qualifying 2:18:38 and Emily Enstice won the women’s marathon in 2:58:36. The half-marathon divisions were won by Ian Fraser in 1:10:01 and Danielle Quatrochi 1:17:41.

The top three places in the men’s marathon were rounded out by Chad Worthen (2:26:36) and John Ngigi (2:31:02). Ngigi won last year’s Portland Marathon in 2:31:22.

1,713 men and women finished the full marathon in an average time of 4:13:51, which is slightly faster than the national average according to on-line race results. 3,073 runners finished the half-marathon in an average time of 2:32:52, with more than 2/3rds of the half-marathon finishers being women this year.

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