Posted by: Joe English | May 18, 2009

Workouts: 1 x 5,000M (3 miles) @ 5KM pace

Coach Joe English

Coach Joe English

This week I’m kicking off a new series on Running Advice and News. We talk a lot in our video series about different kinds of speed workouts and the variety of workouts that are out there. But it seems to me that most people could use a little help in figuring what kinds of things to do rather than always running 400M repeats over and over again.

Every week, I’ll pick out one of my favorite workouts that you may not have thought about and tell you how to do it, where and why. I hope you enjoy the variety. I’m starting with one that you might not think of as a speed workout at all, but it should be one that you add to your stable of workouts soon.

Workout: 1 x 5,000M (or 3 miles) @ 5KM pace

Workout Summary: you may not even think of this as a speed workout, but for most people an effort of 3 miles (or 5,000M) is a great way to get in a hard effort and to get your workout over quickly. This workout can be done just about anywhere — road, track, park, etc. But the key to doing this workout effectively is that you must keep the tempo fast enough to make it worthwhile. If you run this 3 miles slowly, you’ve missed the point. Obviously, you need to have enough training under your belt to be able to push yourself 3 miles, but as an alternative, you can start with 2 miles (or even 1 mile) and all of the information below will still hold true.

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