Posted by: Joe English | May 26, 2009

Workouts: 3x300M with 15 seconds rest x 3

Coach Joe English

Coach Joe English

This is week two in our new series of favorite speed workouts. Last week I considered a workout that most people wouldn’t really think of as a speed workout at all (the 5,000M). This week I’ll take you through a very fast workout that you can do on either the road or track. Credit goes to my friend Coach Dean Hebert who loves this workout as much as I do.

Workout: 3x300M with 15 seconds rest x 3 slightly faster than 5KM pace

Workout Summary: Here’s a workout that’s going to really get you running fast and you’ll blow through this workout quickly as well. As a runner, I like workouts that feature very short rest intervals, because once the workout starts you get it over with quickly. In this workout, you’ll do 3 x 300M with very short rest (10-15 seconds). You’ll then take a full recovery (3:00-5:00 minutes) and repeat the set two to three times. You’ll do these slightly faster than 5KM pace. This means that you’ll be doing 900M in each set with two very short recovery breaks and then getting a full recovery before jumping into the next set.

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