Posted by: Joe English | May 29, 2009

Races — Ryan Hall and Josh Cox to appear in Rock N Roll Marathon as part of Charity run

running-advice-bugSAN DIEGO– An charity race-just-behind-the-lead-race will take place in Sunday’s Rock N Roll Marathon in San Diego. Tom Bedford, son of London Marathon race director and former world record-holder at 10,000m Dave Bedford, will try to break 2:25 for the distance. If he does, he will win a bet with his father and at the same time raise money for the San Diego-based Entoto Foundation, a charity funding medical care for children in Ethiopia.

What makes this race more interesting is that Tom will be paced by of America’s best marathon runners, Ryan Hall and Josh Cox, who will combine to pace him through 20 miles. Hall is consider the top American marathon runner today, while Cox just recently set the 50KM American Record.

“Having Josh and Ryan will be scary and fun at the same time,” said Bedford, who arrived in San Diego on Wednesday from London. “It’s great that someone of their calibre will be pacing a Joe like me! It’s like that TV show Pro’s Vs. Joe’s. I might have to mess with them and do a Sammy Wanjiru by telling them they are too slow and too speed up!”

Tom’s 2:25 Challenge began – as so many bets do – in a London pub after last year’s London Marathon. Over a pint or two there was much discussion about the fact that no Brit had run under 2:25 that day. Tom said he could manage a sub-2:25 if he trained. Following the grand tradition of mocking any declaration delivered over a pint, Tom’s father and friends instantly challenged his sanity and ability. Tom quickly asked if they’d like to make it interesting.

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