Posted by: Joe English | June 3, 2009

Video — Focus for Runners and the Headphone Debate

running-advice-bugIt’s time for episode 15 in our Desert Series of discussions about running. We’re still at the track at in Mesa, Arizona and this week we’re talking about focus.

This one might be one of the more controversial episodes as we also offer our thoughts on the debate about wearing headphones during workouts and races. And yes, both Coaches Joe and Dean give their thoughts on the issue, but you’ll have to watch to find out what they say.

In this episode:
— Focus — what is it and why is it important?
— Why should runners have a focus during their workouts?
— How does music help or hurt focus?
— The coaches weigh in on the debate of wearing headphones during workouts and races.

As always, we welcome your comments if you agree or disagree with us on this one.

This video is part of our Desert Series, in which Coaches Joe English and Dean Hebert get their lips smackin’ about all things marathon running. There are over 30 episodes in the series and they come out every week on

To watch the video, just click the play button in the video window below.

There’s much more coming. We’ve filmed over 30 episodes in this series and we’ll be rolling them out each week. To visit our video page with links to all of the episodes in the series, click here.

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