Posted by: Joe English | June 10, 2009

Races — Rock N Roll Las Vegas to close Las Vegas Blvd

LAS VEGAS — In a twist for the new Rock N Roll Las Vegas Marathon, Competitor Group confirmed today that Las Vegas Blvd. will be closed for the event, allowing runners to run up one of the busiest and most famous streets in the world. Having run on the edges of the famous boulevard many times, the thought of running down the middle of it in a race seems like a rare treat.

Las Vegas Blvd. is closed on infrequently for major events, such as New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Approximately 20,000 participants are expected for the marathon and half-marathon when it debuts in December.

“Never before have both sides of the strip been closed for the race,” said Adam Zocks, General Manager of the event. “This is a world-class course that will attract elite and amateur athletes while providing a fun-filled tour of the vibrant attractions that make Las Vegas the international destination it has become.”

The race will begin in front of Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, and will head south on the Las Vegas Strip for less than a mile before making a u-turn and proceeding in the north bound lanes. At approximately mile 7.5, all participants will turn around and head back in the south bound lanes of Las Vegas Boulevard. The marathon will split from the half marathon at Spring Mountain Road at around mile 10.5. Half marathoners will complete the remaining distance on the southbound lanes to the finish line at Mandalay Bay.

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